Mediator – accompanying processes, smoothing paths

Solving the conflict, living the solution

No one likes having conflicts, still everybody has got them. There are times when it seems as if there is no way a conflict can be resolved, everybody having lost their faith in finding a solution. What can be done when there seems no way into finding an agreement?

Involving an independent expert is the way to go, because conflicts can well be solved professionally. I have more than 15 years experience in solution finding as a mediator in sensitive and escalated conflict situations. Contact me whenever you need a professional external perspective:

Approaching conflicts constructively

My conflict analysis during the first interview will show which method of assessment would be useful. This could be counselling as well as mediation or conflict coaching. It may also be useful to establish a system of conflict management. We agree on a method of choice and on procedures, and we define a time frame.

I will accompany you and relieve the strain during the process, since conflicts tend to be energy-sapping. I will add clarity to complex and confused conflict situations. Satisfying solutions for all the parties involved will be found.

Examples for mediations:

Mediation in the areas of transport, IT, science, culture, education, youth services, medicine et al.

Canaan Peace Conference

Mediation for Clara-Zetkin-Park, Berlin

Mediation for Admiralbrücke, Berlin