Doris Wietfeldt


Professional Associations

Directorate of Federal Mediation Association (BM), 2011-2015

Management of the BM Annual Conference in Berlin, 2008-2010

Co-management of BM´s Berlin regional association, 2006-2010

Management of the Long Night of Mediation, 2006-2008

Member of SIETAR


Lecturer for mediation, EHB Berlin since 2011


Born in 1968
Mediator BM® & Mediation Trainer BM®

I have always been fascinated by differences. How do we see the world? What is important to us, and why? And why is it possible to organise life in so many different ways?

Complexity to me is an amazing asset which stimulates change. Also, I love languages. To me, they are music and sounds that make our inner pictures come to life.

So I made this my profession: Thinking on different levels simultaneously, making contradictions and opposites become less energy-sapping, and discover the beauty within the new.


Systemic Change Design
with Dr Ruth Seliger, trainconsulting, Wien

Intercultural Competence
with Dr Milton Bennett, IDR Institute, Milan

Interactive Training Strategies
with Dr Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Winterthur

Team Management
Accredited Team Management System®-Trainer

with Dr Jamie Walker, Mediation Office Mitte, Berlin

Magister Artium, FU Berlin
North American Studies, Politics and Sociology

Fully trained Hotel Specialist
with Mövenpick, Hannover and Braunschweig