Intercultural process consultant and trainer

Perceiving and understanding the other

Intercultural competence enables us to realize differences and to handle them constructively.

Tricky situations may well be down to different cultures meeting. In these cases you can benefit from my training and consultant services.

Keeping the dialogue alive always is the all-over aim.

I adapt my trainings and consultancies to your specific needs. The goal is always the same: To acknowledge differences, to understand the other and to keep the dialogue going. Understanding the other as well as the self.

Bringing people from different cultures together? Contact me:



Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAköV)

Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

GFA Consulting Group

Neukölln Talents – Neukölln Civic Trust

Confederation of German Museums (Deutscher Museumsbund), Project ‘By us – for us! Discovering our city’s museums’